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Jaycee Dugard Has Something To Say



    Jaycee Dugard Has Something To Say

    Jaycee Dugard made a rare public statement Wednesday, albeit in writing.

    She said she has no interest in having contact with the man who claims he is her biological father.
    Dugard is the woman who was kidnapped as a child in South Lake Tahoe 19 years ago. She was found living in squalor in the backyard of an Antioch home last August.

    Kenneth Slayton came forward in the days after her discovery to announce he was her father.  He hired well-known attorney Gloria Alright to represent him and help him establish a relationship with Dugard.

    A statement released Wednesday, says the 30-year-old Dugard does not wish to see Slayton or his family.  It also says she reserves the right to change her mind at a later date.

    Dugard's mother, Terry Probyn, has never denied Slayton was the girl's father. She says she told Slayton about the pregnancy and he showed no interest.

    A message left with Slayton's attorney was not immediately returned to the Associated Press.

    Dugard and her two children, who were believed to be father by her alleged kidnapper Phillip Garrido, live in seclusion with her girls.  They have been in hiding as they receive counseling ever since a Berkeley parole officer discovered that she was the long missing girl.

    Both Phillip Garrido and his wife Nancy are in jail as they wait for their trial.