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Jellyfish Mostly Gone, Mystery Remains

The last jellyfish invasion was at least seven years ago, according to experts.



    Jellyfish Mostly Gone, Mystery Remains
    Bay City News
    The jellyfish looked like cobblestones on the beach and they stretched three miles.

    State biologists will start using science instead of speculation Monday to help explain why tens of thousands of jellyfish washed ashore on Ocean Beach over the weekend.

    Beach goers said they were shocked to find the wobbly creatures on the shoreline early Saturday morning.  The jellyfish stretched about three miles from Pacheco to Lawton Streets and made the beach appear to be covered in cobblestone.

    Theories abound, including the current heat wave, La Nina and the abundance of phytoplankton in the Pacific Ocean.

    Most of the creatures were swept back out to sea with Saturday night's high tide, but several hundred still remain.

    A park service biologist will investigate the jellyfish and report his theories later this week.

    Ocean Beach was the only one affected by the onslaught.