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Jim Jones' Name Stays on Memorial



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    In the 1978 massacre , 918 people died, including Congressman Leo J Ryan, 305 children, and the Rev. Jim Jones, the founder of the People's Temple.

    This weekend a long awaited memorial to the people who were killed in the infamous Jonestown massacre in 1978 will be unveiled.

    But it will not be the honor many of the relatives who lost loved ones in the mass suicide wanted.  On Thursday a judge denied a motion to block the unveiling of the memorial on Sunday at the Evergreen Cemetery in Oakland.

    Many of the victims were from Oakland.

    A woman who lost 27 family members on that day wanted it stopped until the name of the mastermind behind the killing's was removed.

    Jynona Norwood is attempting to build a second memorial in the victim's honor that does not include the name Jim Jones.

    But her effort to stop this weekend's unveiling has failed.