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Joe Biden Begins Tweeting



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    Vice President Joe Biden has now joined the ranks of Twitter.

    People prone to making speaking gaffes probably shouldn't jump on Twitter.

    But don't tell Vice President Joe Biden. The country's No. 2 in charge has joined the Twittersphere @VP.

    As he would say, "this is a big f***ing deal." At least for people who enjoy hearing a person of power make an off-handed comment or two or for journalists forced to cover the veep.

    At least it would be, if it was actually the vice president tweeting, unfiltered. But that doesn't appear to be happening.

    The tweets actually are on behalf of the vice president by his office staffers. Mr. Biden's image doesn't even appear on the Twitter profile.

    His first tweet -- sent patriotically on July 4 -- was written in the third person. And it was followed up with a second tweet Tuesday, also written in the third person, simply announcing Mr. Biden's schedule.