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Johannes Mehserle Supporters to Assemble in Walnut Creek

Rally planned for Monday



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    While the sentencing hearing for former BART officer Johannes Mehserle has been delayed, the convicted felon does have some supporters.

    An "In Support of Johannes Mehserle Rally" is being organized for Monday, July 19th at 2 p.m. in front of the Walnut Creek Courthouse.

    While the Facebook event page says that the outing "is a peaceful rally to show our support for Johannes and the injustices he is experiencing," but as everyone knows pro-police agitators from out of town are probably plotting right now to try to steer the crowd towards mob violence.

    Kidding! If anything, the posted notice suggests that people are confused as to the "injustices" the event organizers feel Mehserle is facing after multiple eyewitnesses, video evidence and Mehserle's own admission made a pretty clear case that he did shoot and kill Oscar Grant on New Years Day in 2009, and therefore is at least guilty of the involuntary manslaughter conviction.

    So far, 38 people have confirmed attendance, including many who have changed their profile picture to one of Mehserle, the BART Police badge and the words "I support Johannes Mehserle."

    Others were members of the media or seem to have confirmed their attendance in order to leave messages in counter-protest, such as Alex Branson's quip "'i thought I was holding my taser' is the new 'i swear she was 18 years old.'"

    Meanwhile, of the 78 arrested during the protests held in the aftermath of the jury's decision, only nine have been charged with any crime.

    Jackson West finds it hilarious that police say three-fourths of those arrested in the earlier protests weren't from Oakland when 14 non-Oakland police departments were also present.