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Jon Stewart Takes Aim at Occupy Oakland

Political commentator rips Oakland officials for handling of protests.



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    Jon Stewart had some choice words for Oakland's handling of its local Occupy movement.

    First it was Keith Olbermann, then Michael Moore and even the Egyptians took to the streets to raise their frustration about the crackdown on Occpy Oakland.

    Now another darling of the left has Oakland in its cross hairs.

    Fake news anchor Jon Stewart railed against Oakland's handling of Occupy Oakland this week, that left one Iraq war veteran laying in a hospital bed unconscious.

    The political commentator juxtaposed images of peaceful Occupy movements across the country with the tear gas-laden streets of downtown Oakland.

    Stewart also took the opportunity to rip on Oakland's long-beleaguered sports teams but he somehow mercifully left out the Golden State Warriors -- and he apparently didn't get the latest NFL standings.

    Nonetheless, Stewart urged calm and restraint in his sharp satire and by doing so he became just the latest sign that ground zero of the Occupy movement is shifting -- at least temporarily -- from Wall Street to 14th and Broadway in Oakland.

    Check out the full video for yourself below: