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Jonestown Massacre Monument Still In Debate



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    A memorial to remember victims of the Jonestown massacre is in debate, reports the Oakland Tribune.

    The major controversy is whether or not to include the name of Jim Jones, who led hundreds to their ultimate death in 1978.

    Jim Jones Jr. said the memorial will be installed at Evergreen Cemetery in East Oakland, and will include the name of his father, as well as the other victims.

    However, Jynona Norwood is objecting.

    "We have forgiven," she said Monday, standing near the graves of her mother, uncle and grandmother, who are among the hundreds of victims buried at Evergreen. "But why would I want to remember anyone but the children and the families executed by Jim Jones?"

    She is also claiming that  Jones Jr. is keeping her from getting her own proposed monument erected, which she has been trying to do for years.

    Evergreen Director Ron Haulman, however, said Norwood has never received approval from the cemetery and that her proposal for a massive seven-piece monument "can't physically fit there."

    "Dr. Norwood has never given us a dime," he said by telephone Monday.