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Joyride With Toddler Leads to Arrest



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     A Watsonville boy was arrested on Saturday night on suspicion of  stealing a car and child endangerment, according to the Monterey County  Sheriff's Office.

         The 15-year-old was stopped at 8:20 p.m. by sheriff's deputies for  driving without his headlights on near Watsonville on San Juan Road near  Allison Road, deputies said.      The boy was found to be driving without a license in a car he had  taken from his mother without her consent, the sheriff's office reported. His  mother has reported the 2007 Toyota Camry stolen, they said.
         The juvenile had brought his 2-year-old sister on the apparent  joyride as well, and had failed to properly buckle her in a child car seat,  deputies said. The boy was also in possession of marijuana, they said.
         Two juveniles were also in the car and were cited by sheriff's  deputies for possessing tobacco products under the age of 18, deputies said.  Those minors were both released to their parents, the sheriff's office said.
         The 15-year-old that was driving the car was booked into Monterey  County Juvenile Hall, deputies said.