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Judge OKs Gun-Carrying in Dangerous Neigborhood



    Judge OKs Gun-Carrying in Dangerous Neigborhood
    A man was acquitted for carrying a handgun in a notorious San Francisco housing project.

    A man arrested for possessing a handgun in San Francisco's Sunnydale housing projects was acquitted by a jury who believed his story that the gun was for self-defense.

    Johnny Stone, 23, of Reno, was arrested Sept. 9, 2009, in the Sunnydale projects with a handgun. He was in town visiting family members and borrowed the gun for a trip to his car to retrieve baby food and diapers for his young niece, who was crying, according to the San Francisco Appeal.

    During his trial, Stone testified that he'd been robbed in the area on a previous visit, and that he'd heard gunshots earlier in the day on the block, where a relative of his had been shot.

    After a five-hour deliberation, Stone was acquitted on charges of carrying a concealed weapon. A judge threw out an additional charge, possession of nunchaku, according to the newspaper.