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No Justice in Judge Furloughs

All seven California Supreme Court judges to forgo pay on furlough days



    No Justice in Judge Furloughs
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    California Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald George has promised to go without pay once a month in response to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's efforts to cut costs.

    Chief Justice Ronald George promised that "a large percentage" of state judges, including all the supreme court judges, will be forgoing pay at a state of the judiciary announcement over the weekend.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger's mandated worker days off without pay doesn't effect the judicial branch of state government.

    While it is a populist statement of solidarity with largely unionized state workers, it also ameliorates slash-and-burn supporters by saving the state an additional seven figures.

    What does it mean to you? Well, don't go on a bender and end up in the hoosegow, because your bail hearing might be delayed since the Judicial Council also approved a day off once a month to save the state $94 million back in July.

    Jackson West at least this should slow down the incarceration rate for a bit.