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Jurors Begin Deliberation in Bailey Trial



    A prosecutor told jurors Monday that there's enough evidence to  convict former Your Black Muslim Bakery leader Yusuf Bey IV and an associate  of three counts of murder for the shooting deaths of journalist Chauncey  Bailey and two other men.

    In her closing argument in the two-month trial of Bey and Antoine  Mackey, both 25, prosecutor Melissa Krum said Bey "might have completely got  away with" the murders of Bailey, Odell Roberson Jr. and Michael Wills in  Oakland in the summer of 2007 if it weren't for the testimony of bakery  handyman Devaughndre Broussard.

    Broussard, 23, admitted during the trial that he fatally shot  Bailey and Roberson but said he did so because Bey ordered him to.

    Broussard also implicated Mackey in all three murders, saying  Mackey killed Wills at Bey's direction and participated in the fatal  shootings of Bailey and Roberson.

    Broussard had been charged with two counts of murder, but  prosecutors allowed him to plead guilty to two counts of the lesser charge of  voluntary manslaughter in return for his testimony against Bey and Mackey.

    Broussard could have faced life in prison without the possibility  of parole but his plea agreement calls for him to receive a 25-year state  prison term.

    Lawyers for Bey and Mackey said in their closing arguments last  week that the two men should be found not guilty because Broussard's  testimony is unreliable, as he gave several different accounts of what  happened when Bailey was killed.

    Broussard has said that Bey ordered him to kill Bailey, who was  the editor of the Oakland Post, because he was working on a story about the  bakery's financial problems.

    The bakery was in the midst of bankruptcy proceedings when Bailey  was killed on Aug. 2, 2007, and closed its doors later this year.

    Jurors are now getting legal instructions from Alameda County  Superior Court Judge Thomas Reardon and will begin deliberating after their  lunch break.