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Kaepernick Plans to Learn From Luck



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    Quarterback Andrew Luck will be helping Colin Kaepernick learn Jim Harbaugh's offense while the NFL lockout continues.

    Lock out? No problem.

    The future quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers is taking his future into his own hands and becoming a student of a Jim Harbaugh disciple that many fans wish was in the team's future.

    The Sacramento Bee's Matt Barrows reports that second round draft pick Colin Kaepernick is planning to move to Santa Clara to be near the team's headquarters and his new head coach's star pupil Andrew Luck.

    Kaepernick said he met Luck at a passing camp last year and the two have stayed in touch via text message.

    While the NFL lockout continues, Kaepernick is prohibited from talking to Harbaugh or other team officials.

    But he tells Barrows that he plans on picking Luck's brain about Harbaugh's playbook.

    Kaepernick does not have a copy of the playbook but a group of 49ers, including Josh Morgan and Alex Smith, who have been working out in the South Bay, do have a copy of it.