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Kamala Harris Hits Drug Company Price-Gougers



    Kamala Harris Hits Drug Company Price-Gougers
    Kamala Harris is the new Attorney General of California.

    Kamala Harris wasted no time in getting to work as California's new Attorney General, striking out against drug companies that stifle competition.

    Harris has filed a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court, arguing against "pay-for-delay" agreements. Those shady deals prevent cheaper generic drugs off the market, in essence forcing consumers to pay for the more expensive name-brands.

    According to Harris, the deals cost consumers billions of dollars, and violate antitrust laws.

    According to the case before the Supreme Court, drug-maker Bayer paid nearly half a billion dollars to stop its competitors from offering cheaper antibiotics. In order to conceal the arrangement, Bayer sued its generic competitors, then offered a "settlement" of $400 million in exchange for a promise of non-competition.

    Over thirty other states have joined California in opposing the practice.

    Price concerns continue to plague other health-care companies in California. Blue Shield has expressed plans to raise premiums, with some individuals seeing hikes of nearly sixty percent. Outraged lawmakers, including new Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, have demanded that they reduce the price increases.