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Kamala Harris Urges Democrats to Lead Political Change



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    California Attorney General Kamala Harris speaks during a news conference Friday Nov. 16,2012 in Los Angeles.

    Attorney General Kamala Harris is urging Democrats to use their gains at California's ballot box to push for changes on gun control, gay marriage and other issues.

    She addressed about 2,000 delegates at the state party's convention Saturday in Sacramento. Harris came onstage to U2's "Beautiful Day'' but made no direct reference to President Barack Obama's remark last week calling her the nation's "best-looking'' attorney general.

    It generated a national discussion about whether such remarks detract from women's accomplishments.

    Obama also called Harris brilliant and tough.

    Harris' remarks seemed more like a stump speech for a gubernatorial bid than a summary of her accomplishments as attorney general, touching on school funding and even climate change. Harris is one of the party's rising stars and a top gubernatorial prospect for 2018.