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Stow Suspect Details Missing: Report

His face, neck tattoos were used to apprehend him. But Giovanni Ramirez's striking physical appearance was reportedly not included in a vital law enforcement records database.



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    Bryan Stow's condition remains critical.

    The Los Angeles parolee who police believe is responsible for the brutal March 31 beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow has striking identifiable marks, such as a teardrop tattoo on his face. But these and other details -- eventually used to capture suspect Giovanni Ramirez (pictured, below) -- were never entered into his profile in a computerized criminal database, the San Francisco Examiner reported.

    This may have contributed to Ramirez's eluding police capture for eight weeks following Stow's beating, despite a hefty reward and 300 billboards bearing his likeness around the Southern California city.

    Ramirez is an unemployed man with narcotics problems and ties to Varrio Nuevo Estrada, a Southern California street gang, the paper's Brent Begin reported. This information is in his parole records -- but details such as the teardrop tattoo below his left eye and a Los Angeles Dodgers logo tattooed on his neck were left out of his profile in the Law Enforcement Automated Data System. The searchable list of tattoos is left blank on his "face sheet," the newspaper reported.

    Spokesmen for the California Department of Corrections and for the union representing parole agents, who would have been responsible for maintaining Ramirez's computer profile, refused to comment to the newspaper.

    Charges have yet to be filed against Ramirez, who is behind bars on a parole violation. Police are still searching for a second assailant and a woman who drove a car away from the beating of Stow, who is in critical condition at San Francisco General Hospital.