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Kids Stuck in Closet Foil Home Burglary

Teen, 10-year old hide in closet, dial 911 during home invasion.



    Kids Stuck in Closet Foil Home Burglary
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    The closet is safe -- but not for burglars.

    Turns out being stuck in the closet isn't so bad. It can help you foil a robbery -- even if you're just a kid.

    Two children who hid in an upstairs closet during a robbery at their Fremont home managed to call police, who then arrested the alleged burglars, according to police.

    A 16-year old girl and a 10-year old brother dialed 911 while Kenneth Denson, 18, Marvin Matthews, 18, both of Oakland, and Demarkus Benavides, 25, of Alameda, were attempting to rob their Nuttman Lane home, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

    The three suspects attempted to remove the kids from the closet after they had dialed 911, but the savvy youngsters declined.

    Officers arrived while the kids were still in the closet, scattering the alleged burglars, who were apprehended following a "short foot chase," the newspaper reported.

    A vehicle connected to the men and an earlier robbery was found at the scene, the newspaper reported. All three are in jail awaiting a hearing next week.