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Kiriyama: Families Flee Sendai, SF Visitors Leaving Tokyo



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    As people continue to defy governmental recommendations and flee the area around the nuclear plant near Sendai, NBC Bay Area reporter George Kiriyama found some San Francisco visitors who were also headed in different directions from Tokyo.

    A partial transcript of George Kiriyama's report from Tokyo, March 15, 6am PT:

    In Tokyo, many families are fleeing while others are trying to retain some sense of normalcy.
    The death toll following Friday's earthquake and tsunami in Japan has risen above 2,700 as of Tuesday morning. It is hard to believe that for those who survived things could get worse. Now they are also facing nuclear concerns.

    Residents and tourists are leaving Tokyo after fears of a radioactive cloud George Kiriyama of NBCBayArea reported Tuesday morning via Skype from Tokyo.

    Kiriyama: SF Visitors Divert to Osaka

    [BAY] Visitors from SF Divert to Osaka
    Some business people are leaving Tokyo, heading for Osaka, until the situation begins to clear in Japan following last week's earthquake and tsunami.
    (Published Tuesday, March 15, 2011)

    In the train station, he saw long lines of people with bags and suitcases, families with children and pets that all seem to be in a rush to get out of Tokyo,

    “Many are leaving now why they can, hopping on trains and buses and going somewhere they feel it’s safer,” Kiriyama reports.

    The neon signs that normally light up Tokyo are turned off to conserve energy. Otherwise, it appears to be business as usual he said. People there are trying to return to normal, as much as what normal can be under these circumstances.

    “Since this has been going on the four or five days, there is a sense of fatigue in terms of what will happen next?” said Kiriyama.