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Knowing When a Sex Offender Moves Next Door



    Knowing When a Sex Offender Moves Next Door
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    Do you know if a registered sex offender lives in your neighborhood?

    Right now, that information is available to you by looking on the Megan's Law website. But new legislation is being proposed that would make the information more accessible.

    State Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher and County Supervisor Bill Horn introduced Assembly Bill 1022 on Wednesday. It gives county governments the authority to notify residents by email alert if a registered sex offender moves into a neighborhood.

    "This legislation will go a long way toward ensuring that San Diegans are informed about those who live in and around their neighborhoods," said Fletcher.

    Residents would have to sign up to receive the email alerts.

    "It is important that we take advantage of every available resource, especially current technology, to actively inform our residents and protect our children. This proposed legislation is a great step in that direction," said Horn.

    Fletcher said he does not know if there will be opposition to the bill, which could take until 2012 to wind its way through the legislative process.