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Larceny on the Rise: SFMTA

Keep your iPhone in your pants while riding Muni vehicles.



    Larceny on the Rise: SFMTA

    San Francisco Municipal Railway officials and police launched an awareness campaign today to alert riders to the citywide rise in the theft of electronic devices.

    More than 2,000 public service ads have been placed on Muni vehicles and in stations across the city to advise passengers to keep their electronic devices out of sight while in public.

    In the last 30 days almost 180 electronic devices were reported stolen in the city, police Chief Greg Suhr said.

    "Crime in almost every category is down on Muni. There's one area where we're going in the wrong direction and that's larceny," SFMTA director Edward D. Reiskin said.

    The theft of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices has gone up over the last year, Reiskin said.