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Latest There Ought to be a Law Winners



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    State Assemblyman Jerry Hill has announced the winner of an annual contest held by his office that asks constituents to submit ideas for new laws.
    Millbrae resident Stan Fetterman won the San Mateo legislator's  "Oughta Be a Law ... or Not" contest for suggesting a law that would protect consumers by regulating deceptive mail solicitations.

    Fetterman and other constituents in Hill's district complained  about receiving pieces of mail pertaining to property assessments and business licenses that were packaged to look like official government documents.

    Fetterman's proposed law, now introduced as AB 2654, would require  that solicitations sent by mail include a clarifying message at the top of the first page stating that "This product or service has not been approved or  endorsed by any governmental agency."

    "I was impressed with the quality and quantity of proposals this  year," Hill said in a statement Monday. "With over 100 entries it was difficult to make a final selection, but my hope is that Stan's proposal will reduce the number of Californians who fall victim to these deceptive solicitations each year."

    Hill says he encourages his constituents to send in proposals for  state or local reform throughout the year.

    "I'm always open to new ideas that can improve the quality of life in California," Hill said.