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Layoffs Are Topic No. 1 in Oakland

Rucus city council meeting in Oakland Tuesday night.



    After millions of dollars disappeared from their budgets, Bay Area cities say they need a bail out. That translates to hundreds of layoffs and community cuts. Tonight, the issue triggered a city council showdown. NBC Bay Area's Cheryl Hurd reports from Oakland. (Published Thursday, Jan. 26, 2012)

    The council chambers was packed last night. The room was filled with Oakland city workers who came to fight for their jobs.

    Some 2,500 people got layoff notices last week thanks to a State Supreme Court ruling that put California cities on notice last month when it voted to stop funding redevelopment agencies statewide.
    Oakland isn't the only city suffering with millions of dollars suddenly disappearing from city coffers.

    Downtown San Jose wouldn't look the same without redevelopment cash.

    Morgan Hill spent $20 million to build a center and several other community projects. Many cities, just like Oakland, are left scrambling.

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    "The point is we have people who work for this city and they’re being laid off we have management that does nothing and they’re not being laid off," said Al Marshall with the SEIU.

    Oakland city council will vote next Tuesday on how many people will be laid off. The final number is expected to be close to one hundred.