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Legal Rollercoaster: Gay Slur Gets Park Sued

A gay slur has landed Great America in court



    Two Men Sue Great America Over Gay Slur In Picture

    Two men who had their picture taken while holding hands on a rollercoaster are suing the amusement park because another version has a gay slur (Published Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2011)

    Some of the fun and games available at Great America amusement park in Santa Clara aren't for everyone -- such as the two men who have sued the amusement park for allegedly doctoring a photo in a homophobic manner.

    The two men are Craig Person and Edmund Yang, both of San Jose, according to the San Francisco Chronicle's John King. The two men rode the Psycho Mouse roller coaster in August 2008, King writes, and afterwards were solicited to purchase a photo of them riding the ride. Pretty standard amusement park operating procedure, even if the two declined to buy a photo, which showed them holding hands, shot from overheard, according to the Chronicle's King.

    That would have been the end of it, had not friends of the two men discovered the same photo on display at a different ride, but this time inscribed with the caption, "Were [sic] Fags!"

    Now whomever wrote the caption can say "Were [sic] Defendants!" as the pair filed a 10-count lawsuit on Monday, asking for unspecified damages.

    Great America has yet to comment on the matter, perhaps because they have yet to locate the missing apostrophe.