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Legalizing Pot Just Might Make It to Ballot



    Legalizing Pot Just Might Make It to Ballot
    David Sutherland
    San Diego County temporarily bans medical pot dispensaries.

    It looks like an initiative to legalize marijuana in California could be up for a vote in November.

    Supporters of the plan said Wednesday they have more than enough signatures to get on the ballot.
    The measure would legalize personal possession of up to an ounce of marijuana and it would allow up to 25 square feet of cannabis cultivation.  It also gives jail time to anyone who sells or gives marijuana to children and forbids smoking pot in front of minors.

    The initiative's spokesman Richard Lee said
    the group behind the measure also has the money to promote it, promising to raise $10 million to help get it passed.

    Lee is the president of Oakland's Oaksterdam University.  He also owns several other cannabis-related businesses in the Bay Area.

    In a conference call Wednesday, Lee said the current laws aren't working, adding the country should have learned from alcohol prohibition.

    The initiative needs the signatures of  434,000 registered voters to make the ballot.  Lee says they have 700,000 signatures.

    A Field Poll found 56-percent of voters in the state support legalizing and taxing marijuana in order to help bridge the state budget deficit.

    Similar ballot-measure efforts are also happening in Nevada and Washington state.

    This news comes on the same day of a grand opening of a medical marijuana mega-store in Oakland.  Using pot for medicinal purposes has been legal in California for years.  This new facility is a one-stop shop for growing legal pot indoors.