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Livermore Joggers Get Warning

Police want runners in Livermore to change their work out routine.



    Livermore Joggers Get Warning
    Livermore police recommend women run with a buddy.

    The Livermore police are telling people who run or jog in their city to be aware that several women have been approached by a man who pulls down their pants as they are going by.  There have been six incidents since 2007, and apparently that is enough for the police to put out the warning.

    The pantser seems to like Patterson Pass Road and Holmes Street when there is very little or no pedestrian traffic.  The days of the week and times of day vary as does the frequency between occurrences according to police. 

    Police said the victims haven't been able to give them a good description because he runs off too quickly and the runner themselves were distracted by wearing MP3 players, not to mention the fact that they are trying to pull their pants back up.

    Livermore police say female runners or walkers should be extra aware of their surroundings especially when they are exercising. They also recommend if you have a routine, break it, because they think the man may be watching for patterns.

    They are also looking for more victims to come forward who have not reported the crime.
    You can call 925-371-4733.