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Local Bridge Tolls Going Up for Some



    The Bay Bridge Toll Plaza. Tolls will go up for trucks crossing the Bay Bridge July 1. Photo: K.Nielsen Photography on Flickr

    Tolls to Bay Area bridges are about to get more expensive but only if you drive a big-rig.

    Starting July 1, trucking companies will have to start paying more across local bridges, including the Bay Bridge.

    Trucks were able to avoid the increase that hit car drivers last year. But now things are changing.

    Starting July 1, trucks with three-axles will have to start paying $10.50 to cross the Bay Bridge. They currently pay $6.

    The tolls for four-axle trucks will rise from $8.25 to $14, five-axle trucks rates will jump from $11.25 to $18 and six-axle trucks will spend from $12 to $21 to cross bridges.

    Tolls across the Golden Gate Bridge will increase for three-axle trucks to $13, four-axle trucks to $18, five-axle trucks to $22 and six-axle trucks to $27.