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Lollipop Sticks Thief to Burglary Scene



    Lollipop Sticks Thief to Burglary Scene
    Annie Potasznik
    These could land you in jail.

    A six-month old burglary case has been stuck to a Fairfax man, who sucked at the scene of the crime. Literally.

    DNA evidence on a half-eaten lollipop has fingered Jacob Roderick Mandel, 24, to two crime scenes in downtown Fairfax, according to the Marin Independent Journal.

    In March, two businesses had been burglarized and ransacked, with cash and computers gone missing, according to the newspaper. Left at the scene, however, was a lollipop stick, which police sent to crime labs for DNA testing.

    When the DNA profile came back, it matched Mandel, who was already in custody in Marin County on an unrelated case, according to police. Mandel was sprung from Marin but landed in jail in San Francisco on yet another unrelated matter, where he was served with an arrest warrant for the Fairfax burglaries.

    The lollipop could end up costing Mandel three years in state prison, according to a prosecutor.