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Look Who's the Star Now

Sundance film debut could be big break for Jennifer Siebel Newsom's career



    Look Who's the Star Now
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    Jennifer Siebel Newsom and her gal pals at the Sundance debut of a documentary she directed.

    San Francisco's former first lady Jennifer Seibel Newsom took over the starring role of the family this weekend at the Sundance Film Festival.

    Siebel Newsom debuted her documentary "Miss Representation," which was choosen to compete at the prestigious film festival. Miss Representation is Siebel Newsom's first attempt at directing after both producing and acting in the past. The film looks at the lack of female representation in positions of power in America as it splices together interviews with Bay Area locals such as Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Condoleezza Rice.

    The documentary was featured Saturday night. Proud husband and current lieutenant governor of California Gavin Newsom was reduced to playing a supporting role to his wife. 

    Actress Gena Davis, Daphne Zuniga and Gloria Steinem also turned out to support both Siebel Newsom and the film.

    Here's how Sundance describes Miss Representation:

    Director: Jennifer Siebel Newsom; Screenwriters: Jennifer Siebel Newsom and Jessica Congdon - Miss Representation uncovers how American mainstream media's limited and disparaging portrayals of women contribute to the under-representation of women in power positions - creating another generation of women defined by youth, beauty and sexuality, and not by their capacity as leaders.

    Along with those listed above here are a few more notables featured in the 89 minute film.

    • Margaret Cho
    • Katie Couric
    • Geena Davis      
    • Daphne Zuniga
    • Rosario Dawson
    • Jane Fonda
    • Paul Haggis
    • Catherine Hardwicke
    • Dolores Huerta
    • Jackson Katz
    • Jean Kilbourne
    • Martha Lauzen
    • Lisa Ling
    • Rachel Maddow