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Looking For a Job? Just Say Yahoo!

Social media growing on the Web



    Looking For a Job? Just Say Yahoo!
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    Yahoo, going social

    The latest job numbers are out, and for the country, they're fairly optimistic: 160,000 new jobs created. For Silicon Valley, the trend is also good, especially for social networking jobs. We already know about growth at companies like Facebook, Hi5 and Zynga. Now, a Web giant is also looking to grow its social media output, and is hiring to do so. 

    Yahoo, admittedly, has not been the go-to place for social networking up to this point. Even as recently as a few weeks ago, as Yahoo celebrated its 15th birthday, CEO Carol Bartz made reference to "other places you go to keep up with friends," a nod to big, popular social networking sites. Lots of Web traffic has migrated lately to sites like Facebook, but with social networking having become big business, Yahoo wants in.

    The hiring, I'm told, will be gradual, but Yahoo is already making strides in the social networking world. We're on our way to HQ now to follow a young man named Lucas. He's running the social networking show for now, with help on the way. Yahoo seems serious about social networking, already integrating Facebook into Yahoo Mail.  It's a good step for a company that wants to be, as Bartz told me, "the place you start your day."

    So, if you're good with Facebook, Twitter, and the like, get your resumes ready.  The social networking world is expanding and quickly.

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