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Lower Haight Plagued by Violence



    Lower Haight Plagued by Violence
    A police officer was a hero Monday night when he pulled a man who was burnt from a blazing car.

    After years or struggling to transform the Lower Haight into a safe, family-friendly destination, the neighborhood's been re-engulfed in violence.

    Two gory crimes in the last week have reminded residents of the neighborhood's worst days during the Willie Brown era.

    In one incident, two men fought on the corner of Rose and Webster. One man hit the other in the head with a shovel, and the other man retaliated by stabbing his attacker to death. Earlier this week, a woman's burned body was founded in a flaming car, according to the Gate.

    Over the last few years, residents and neighborhood groups have struggled to turn the Lower Haight around. Trendy new shops and periodic art walks have attracted a larger, less violent crowd. But problems still remain.

    The Upper Haight has problems of its own. A cameraman for KRON was recently attacked by a mentally disturbed person. With the new Sit/Lie ordinance about to take effect in February, residents there hope that large groups of homeless people will migrate elsewhere. Hopefully, they'll move into shelters and services, and not to the Lower Haight.