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Judge: Lucasfilm Should Pay $1.2M in Lawyer Fees



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    George Lucas managed to keep the Lucasfilm company off the hook for punitive damages, as the jury found that the discrimination didn't come from the executive level.

    A Marin County judge says filmmaker George Lucas' Lucasfilm Ltd. should pay $1.2 million in attorneys fees to the woman who won a pregnancy bias suit against the company.

    In a tentative ruling issued on Thursday, Judge Lynn O'Malley Taylor said Julie Gilman Veronese's attorneys were entitled to much of the money they had demanded.

    Taylor said they had spent hundreds of hours working on the case while knowing they might not be compensated.

    Lucasfilm spokeswoman Lynne Hale tells the Marin Independent the company will appeal the ruling if it stands.

    A jury awarded Veronese nearly $114,000 in damages in June after ruling that Lucasfilm wrongly withdrew her job offer in 2008 to work at Lucas' San Anselmo estate when it learned she was pregnant.

    Lucasfilm denied the allegations.