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Please Hammer, Don't Search 'em

MC Hammer tells Google "u can't touch this" when it comes to his search engine.



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    Photo Illustration: Mat Luschek
    MC Hammer has announced he's throwing his hat into the search engine game.

    If you just don't think you're able to search the internet well enough with Google, Yahoo, or Bing, (is Dogpile still around?) you will soon be able to use, yet another engine. It's called WireDoo, and it's being brought to your desktop by none other than Stanley Kirk Burrell himself - AKA MC Hammer.

    Hammer announced his plans for a new search engine at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, says Mashable.

    The new engine will be different in that “It’s about relationships beyond just the keywords,” Hammer said on stage.

    He believes search engines currently only search based on links and keywords, whereas his product will search for other things relating to the item entered in the search field.

    His example was that a car is not just a car, but also about the mileage, specs and possibly even zip code.

    The service is currently in pre-beta, but interested parties can sign up, and will be notified when it's Hammer Time.