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Man Breaks Into Santa Cruz Motel -- Twice

Renegade tourism unwelcome at Santa Cruz motel.



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    A man broke into a motel to catch a nap -- on consecutive days.

     A quiet weekend in a quiet Santa Cruz motel for a young man in his early 20s was interrupted -- twice -- by motel staff, who weren't too keen on his breaking into the room and sleeping there uninvited.


    A maid stumbled upon the unrented motel room on Saturday and discovered the man there first, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel. When asked his business, he replied, "Sleeping," before escaping on bicycle.

    The next day, his rest was again disturbed, this time by the manager, according to the newspaper. The snoozer escaped before police could arrive to respond to a trespassing call, the newspaper reported.

    The man is 5 feet, 10 inches tall, and was wearing a black hat and jacket. His backpack is camouflage, the newspaper reported.

    Look for this man recumbent on a cot near you.