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Man Killed While Skating Drunk



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    Too many drinks and unsafe roads contributed to the death of a man in Santa Rosa, police have revealed.

    Joe Hyland was struck and killed by a driver late one night in March. According to the Press Democrat, police believe that the skater swerved into the road. The driver was not intoxicated, but Hyland's blood alcohol level was .28.

    He was just one of a wave of car-related fatalities on Santa Rosa streets this year, including a toddler. Police are currently running a sting to try to nab reckless drivers, but after two years of grant-funded outreach, police have found that safety remains elusive.

    In fact, a police officer hit a 6-year-old on Monday in a Santa Rosa crosswalk. The boy sustained minor injuries. He was part of a large group of people crossing the street, and was wearing a bright orange sweatshirt. According to a witness, the officer didn't indicate that he was about to turn into the crosswalk.

    Last week, a local woman killed a homeless man crossing the street. She told police that she believed she had a green light. The woman voluntarily took a blood test.