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Man Outfitted in Body Armor Found Shooting at Cars, People

Police said that no one was hit by the bullets fire by man's gun.



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    San Pablo police came upon a wild scene Tuesday afternoon that included a gunman in body armor firing shots at people and cars.

    Police said they were called to Riverside Elementary School on Glenn Ave. around 2:30 p.m. after several people reported seeing a man shooting a gun.

    The school was put under lock down as officers attempted to subdue the man identified as 31-year-old Christopher Trinh.

    One officer attempted to bring Trinh down using a Taser, but because the suspect was wearing ballistic body armor, the weapon was ineffective. Instead of becoming incapacitated, police said Trinh charged the officer.

    A physical struggle followed with police winning the battle in the end.

    Police said the man's gun was empty when they retrieved it for evidence, but that additional ammunition was found at the scene. A search at Trinh’s nearby apartment netted more firearms and ammunition, according to police. 

    Both Trinh and one police officer suffered some injuries in the struggle. As of Wednesday, police said Trinh was still in the hospital but was expected to be booked into jail soon.  He faces three counts of attempted murder and the negligent discharge of a firearm.

    Police did not comment on what motivated the incident.