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Man Stabbed In Nose With Fork During Drunken North Beach Muni Brawl

A drunken wrestling match led to a fork in a nose.



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    The weapon of choice for a Muni passenger recently.

    What's the old maxim: "Don't bring a fork to a bus fight"? Or, perhaps, it's don't fight on a bus with someone who has a fork, else you be stabbed in the nose.

    A wee-hours, alcohol-fueled brawl on a Muni bus in San Francisco's legendary North Beach neighborhood ended when a 46-year old man stabbed another man in the nose with a fork, according to police.

    This particular yarn unfolded near the intersections of Columbus Avenue and Bay Street at 2:30 a.m. Tuesday following a night of drinking for both men, according to the San Francisco Examiner. The suspect began "screaming and yelling" on the bus, which led the victim, 45, to make the mistake of telling the suspect to quiet down.

    More screaming and yelling and then a brawl ensued, according to police, which culminated in the victim using wrestling moves in an attempt to subdue the suspect. Instead, the victim received the aforementioned fork in the nose along with some bite wounds for his trouble, completing the food motif.

    The pair exited the bus following the altercation and into the arms of awaiting authorities: onto an ambulance towards San Francisco General Hospital for the victim and to County Jail for the suspect, police said.