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Man Struck, Killed After Car Impounded

A series of unforunate incidents cost one man his life.



    Man Struck Killed Walking Home to Oakland

    A speeding ticket started a series of events that left one man dead. (Published Monday, Jan. 30, 2012)

    Donnell Roberts believes his longtime friend would still be alive if only the tow truck driver didn't leave their group on the side of the road early Monday morning in Alameda. 

    The group was pulled over by police for speeding, and then had their car impounded.

    Instead of finding another ride, the group of two men and two women decided to walk back home to Oakland. 

    It was still dark along Doolittle Drive through the shoreline reserve.  Roberts said they stuck to the bike lane since there was no sidewalk. 

    Bad knees forced  Roberts' friend to trail behind.  Then came the loud thud and scream. 

    Roberts said he turned to a see the car with its windshield broken and front bumper damaged. 

    The driver of the car said he had just hit someone.   Roberts ran back to find his friend in a ditch.  He said whatever pulse he had didn't last for long. 

    We aren't identifying the man because police said his family is still be notified.

    Roberts' friend of 20 years was dead on the side of a road.   Oakland police is investigating and according to Roberts has met with the driver who hit his friend.

    The car was towed away by police just before 11 a.m.