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Man Struck in Face by 55-Gallon Steel Drum



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    If bringing a gun to a knife fight is the Chicago way, what's bringing a 55-gallon steel trash can to a fistfight?

    The Martinez bocce ball courts way, for a day at least. as a 50-year old man found out on Thursday afternoon, when he was on the receiving end of a move more suited for "big-time wrestling," according to the Contra Costa Times.

    The man was transported to a local hospital after 51-year-old Vinn Galvin allegedly hoisted a 55-gallon steel drum used as a trash can at Martinez's marina and lofted it at the man, striking him in the face, according to police.

    Cops tracked Galvin down at Martinez's Rankin Park, the newspaper reported. He was booked into custody for use of a deadly weapon. A colleague, 42-year old Lana Lozano, was booked for being drunk in public.

    Steel-drum band jokes to follow.