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Man Tramples Police Car, Gets Arrested



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    Jodi Hernandez

    You cannot fight City Hall, nor can you fight a police car. Or at least you can't physically attack a police car without police consequences, as a Marinwood man learned this month.

    Scott Crook, 44, was arrested in Novato after police responded to a report of a man yelling in the street and threatening people with a knife, according to the Marin Independent Journal. When cops arrived, Crook allegedly leaped onto the roof of the patrol car, kicked in the windshield, and jumped up and down on the roof, according to the newspaper.

    Somehow he calmed down long enough to be taken into custody. He plead guilty to vandalism and resisting arrest, and was sentenced to six months in county jail for what his defense attorney called "a psychotic episode."

    Crook will serve the remainder of his sentence in a "residential treatment program," according to his attorney.