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Man Uses Car to Attack People Wearing Plaid

Vehicular attack in Tiburon predicated by plaid.



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    Look out!!

    Forget seeing red -- in Marin, one man is most dangerous when he sees plaid.

    A 31-year old Marin man pleaded guilty to an assault charge Thursday, after admitting he attempting to hit another man with his car because of his plaid jacket, according to the Marin Independent Journal.

    Eugene Thomas Anderson could face six months in jail for the July 23 incident, in which he drove onto a Tiburon Boulevard sidewalk, nearly hitting a main in a plaid jacket. He later told police that he "drove at the man because he found his jacket offensive," according to the newspaper.

    The following morning, Anderson tried to use his car to hit Ronald Goldman, a 56-year old Tiburon lawyer. Goldman was merely riding a bicycle, not wearing the anger-inducing fabric, according to reports.

    By pleading guilty, Anderson avoids a felony assault charge and a strike towards the "three stikes" life sentence, the newspaper reported.

    He will be sentenced in September. Jail uniforms are, luckily, not plaid.