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Marijuana "Super Plant" Bust in Napa



    Marijuana "Super Plant" Bust in Napa
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    Frank Peters rolls a marijuana cigarette during a demonstration in front of the San Francisco Hall of Justice.

    Napa Special Investigations Bureau agents found about 100 pounds of dried marijuana and 35 marijuana "super plants" growing at a home in the  Napa County community of Pope Valley last Friday, NSIB officials said.

    Working with the Napa County Sheriff's Office Problem Oriented  Policing Program, agents served a search warrant in the 8300 block of Butts Canyon Road. They arrested two men and a woman at the home where there were  about 100 pounds of dried, processed marijuana products and 35 "super plants"  still growing.

    The super plants were capable of producing multiple pounds each of  sellable marijuana. Agents said the plants were supported by a bamboo  skeleton to keep the large branches from breaking from the weight of the  marijuana flower, or bud, growing on them.

    Agents said most of the plants were over 8 feet tall and were  several feet in diameter, resembling trees more so than the traditional idea  of marijuana plants.

    Agents also seized three shotguns and four rifles along with  $9,411 in cash from the home.

     Gerald, Linda and Cody Bennett, ages 56, 55 and 28, respectively,  were arrested at their home on suspicion of possession of marijuana for sale,  cultivation of marijuana and armed in commission of a felony. Cody Bennett  was also charged with being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm, according  to agents.

     Phone calls received by undercover agents at the residence during  the search warrant from an out of county person attempting to buy drugs from  the Bennetts led agents to believe the plants were being commercially grown  for illicit sales, according to agents.