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Marijuana Vending Machines May Come to California

Prototype in Oakland of automated marijuana dispensing.



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    Like this -- but for medical marijuana?!

    Coke, Pespi -- and OG Kush.

    Vending machines that dispense medical marijuana have been rumored to be on the horizon for some time, and while a prototype is on-scene in Oakland, it may be some time -- if ever -- before a medical cannabis-dispensing machine comes to the Bay Area.

    Machines made by Dispenselabs -- one of the Southern California companies working on cannabis dispensing machines -- may be approved for use in San Diego dispensaries, according to reports.

    The company put an Autospense machine at Oaksterdam University in Oakland, according to the news report. Students there were able to learn about the possibility of an ATM-like machine in a dispensary.

    Some feel that patients -- the term for Californians with a doctor's recommendation to use cannabis for medical purposes -- will like the convenience and ease of an automated transaction.

    To use this particular model of machine, a user's thumbprint is required. So unless you're a registered medical marijuana card-holder, no dice.