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Marin "Beach Posse" Detains Molestation Suspect

Justice was self-service for a Marin County "beach posse," who detained a molestation suspect over the weekend.



    Marin "Beach Posse" Detains Molestation Suspect

    The West Coast is milder than it was during Gold Rush Days, but that doesn't mean citizens will allow lawlessness to flourish without taking a stand and fighting back.

    A gang of angry Marin County campers and beachgoers are to thank for apprehending a man accused of molesting an eight-year old girl at a beachfront campground.

    John Robert Reno, 25, is accused of entering a family's tent at Dillon Beach in Marin over the weekend, according to the Marin Independent Journal. Reno was allegedly found sleeping in the girl's sleeping bag by campers, who were alerted to the man's presence by the girl.

    After he was discovered, Reno attempted to walk away but was detained by a "small posse" of furious campers who hogtied him with plastic cable ties, according to the newspaper.

    Reno was booked into county jail after "spitting, kicking and trying to break out of the car" on the way to jail.