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Marin Catholic Football Gets Ready For Title Game With Yoga

The Marin Catholic football team practices yoga



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    In between line drills and up-downs, the Marin Catholic football team finds time for other preparation for its state title game Saturday.

    As in vinyasas, breathing exercises, and other forms of yoga.

    The prep football powerhouse has for four years worked with Stress Management Center of Marin, according to the Marin Independent Journal. Players swear by the practice, saying that yoga "makes you faster, makes you more agile, more limber, just better in all the aspects of the game," said defensive lineman Louis Lemerle.

    A team playing into December plays over a month longer than other high school squads, who began practice in July and August heat. They will play their 16th game of the season on Saturday against Madison for the Division III state title.

    Practicing yoga not only allows players greater physical strength and endurance -- it also expands their minds. The stretching and breathing exercises allow players to figure out what is hurting and how to address it, the newspaper reported.

    Marin Catholic squares off against Madison of San Diego in Carson on Saturday at the Home Depot Center.