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Man Accused of Swallowing Heroin Before Entering Jail

Saving drugs for later via the swallowing method.



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    Hard to swallow.

    A Novato man is accused of preparing to serve a jail sentence by swallowing a baggie of heroin "so he would have it in jail," according to reports.

    Edward William Outcalt, 50, began serving time at Marin County Jail last week, according to the Marin Independent Journal. He was sentenced to jail on a drug conviction -- and now faces another one, after deputies conducted a search of his cell and found a small plastic bag containing heroin, the newspaper reported.

    Outcalt told police the baggie did indeed contain drugs, and later said he'd swallowed it before he went inside, the newspaper reported.

    The District Attorney charged Outcalt with bringing drugs into the jail, which is a felony. His lawyer called it "the act of a desperate drug addict who needs help, not jail," the newspaper reported.

    Further hearings on the baggie situation are scheduled for August.

    Outcalt was busted in January when investigators found at his Ignacio Boulevard residence meth, marijuana, packages, and scales. He pleaded guilty to possession with intent to sell in March.