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Marin Plastic Surgeon Sues Yelpers

Dr. Kimberly Henry sues anonymous reviewers for libel, defamation



    Marin Plastic Surgeon Sues Yelpers
    Kimberly Henry, MD
    Kimberly Henry is suing reviewers on Yelp and DoctorScorecard after some grisly anonymous reviews of botched plastic surgery procedures.

    Another business owner is angry at online reviews posted to Yelp, and is taking them to court.

    Dr. Kimberly Henry, MD, who has a plastic surgery practice based in Marin County, is seeking $2 million or more in damages for libel and defamation against 12 posters of online reviews, most of whom are anonymous.

    A post on Yelp claims that "She was supposed to give me a cheek lift. I told her not to do anything to my eyes. She agreed, and then did some work on them anyway. My eyes looked awful. I couldn't close my eyes properly."

    Another, on, is even more grisly:

    I had brest augmentation by Dr.Henry and it was the worst mistake of my life! She put the implants in under the muscle when they should have been on top then about 10 days after getting them one ruptured... After she replaced it and took out the stiches I was at home sitting on the couch when I felt the wound rip open and the implant fall out of my body.

    Another commenter on that page who professed to working with Henry stated that after a check of the files this particular case couldn't be found.

    Neither Yelp nor Doctor Scorecard are implicated in the lawsuit, and are legally free from liability for the actions of their users.

    However, a subpoaena from the court could be served against the sites in order to determine the identity of the reviewers.

    Henry's website seems to be down, but a cached copy presents a video from Best of the Bay TV of Henry talking about her practice and offer examples of more successful procedures.

    Jackson West is worried about being able to keep his lunch down.