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Marin Shed 10,000 Jobs During Recession

The Bay Area's toniest county was hit hard during the recession.



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    Buildings are closed and jobs are not in the offing in Marin.

    Nearly one out of every 10 Marin County residents lost their jobs during the Great Recession, according to the Marin Independent Journal.

    Since 2007, the county lost 10,317 jobs, or about 10 percent of the total jobs in the county, according to the newspaper.

    The retail sector was hit hardest. In sales, there was a loss of 2,360 jobs, or nearly 15 percent of the total workforce, "more than any other sector," the newspaper reported.

    That meant a total of $23.5 million in annual retail wages were lost -- but the most loss, by dollar amount, was in the finance and insurance industries, the newspaper reported.

    There, some $127.4 million in annual pay and 1,063 jobs were lost, the newspaper reported.

    The recession "officially ended" in 2009. Some residents interviewed by the newspaper questioned that fact. Times are still very tough, they said.

    Two industries did grow jobs rather than cut them, however: The health care sector added 1,027 jobs and private education added 276 jobs, the newspaper reported.