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Massive Great White Spotted In Pacifica



    Massive Great White Spotted In Pacifica
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    Sharks are making news up and down the California coast this week.

    Dozens of Leopard sharks are swarming Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles County. The school of sharks is causing people to flock to Mother's Beach to watch the creatures swim in circles in a single file line.

    Closer to home, Pacifica's Linda Mar Beach closed Monday after people saw what is described as a massive great white shark attacking a sea lion.

    If you know the area, the attack was about 200 yards west of the Taco Bell, according to Pacifica Police.

    Great White Spotted in Pacifica

    [BAY] Great White Spotted in Pacifica
    Some surfers are scared by a huge shark sighting.
    (Published Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2010)

    Several people saw it from the beach, but a surfer also reported seeing a 18-25 foot long shark thrashing with a sea lion in its mouth. He said he also saw a lot of blood.
    After the sightings, a small boat with two men drove up and down the beach warning surfers and swimmers to get out of the water. 
    Signs are now up at the beach warning people to stay clear of the water.

    Lori Preuitt's dad caught a hammerhead shark off the coast of Key West when she was a kid. She's been a shark fan ever since.