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Massive Creature Spotted in Elkhorn Slough

This is not your average sea lion



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    Elkhorn Slough Safari
    Captain Yohn Gideon took this photo over the weekend of a massive Steller sea lion.

    Sea lions are part of the draw at Moss Landing's Elkhorn Slough. You can't miss their scent or their noisy honking.

    But there is a new giant among the sea lions now calling the slough home. It's a Steller sea lion.  The massive creature dwarfs the normal sea lions. It was first spotted over the weekend and is clearly several times larger.  Its cry is also being described as more of a growl instead of a bark of the regular sea lions.  

    Stellars are on the threatened species and haven't been seen in the slough for 17 years, according to locals. 

    We want to thank Elkhorn Slough Safari for sending us the above photos.