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McCovey Cove Gets Political

Dueling banners jostle for space near famous baseball games.



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    McCovey Cove

    Sometimes it seems like the battle over Johannes Mehserle and Oscar Grant will never go away.

    Despite a verdict and a sentencing date, Mehserle's defense team wants a re-trial based on a tiny sliver of new evidence. And they're not the only ones seeking to prolong the headline-grabbing power of the case.

    Two dueling boats have hit McCovey cove outside the baseball park.  A sailboat touting "Free Johannes Mehserle" has been at every home game since the final Dodger game of the regular season. That 82 foot boat is now being joined by smaller version that waves a banner on behalf of Oscar Grant.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
    Who's behind the aquatic protestations? The Johannes Mehserle backer is none other than the father of the convicted officer. He's hoisted signs reading "Free Johannes Mehserle" and "Justice for Johannes." 

    The Oscar Grant Banner, on the other hand, has been hoisted by a group calling itself "Oakland for Justice." Their banner also demands "justice," but for Oscar Grant.  The group's demands include disbanding or disarming the BART police, firing various people, and altering various laws.

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    Both boats have been popping up right next to each other during baseball games, and vow to remain for the remainder of the season. That should make for a plenty awkward atmosphere in McCovey Cove.