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McDonald's Finds McLoophole in Happy Meal Ban

Lawmakers 'grimace.'



    McDonald's Finds McLoophole in Happy Meal Ban
    McDonald's found a way around SF's ban on Happy Meals.

    San Francisco lawmakers may have made things worse when it comes to keeping unhealthy food out of children's hands. The City's ban on McDonald's Happy Meals goes into effect on Dec. 1, 2011, which requires the fast food chain to comply with nutritional standards, if they want to include a toy.

    As it turns out, ol' Ronny McDonald found a way around this. The catch - toys will now be sold as an extra instead of included in the meal.

    According to SF Weekly, the company will charge an extra 10 cents when Happy Meals are purchased.

    The extra dime will go to Ronald McDonald House charities.

    A spokesperson for McDonald's says as of March 2012, all Happy Meals will include apple slices, a kids-sized fry, and fat-free milk or juice.

    However, while the Happy Meals will be slightly healthier, they still don't meet the City's nutritional requirements.